Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, friends, I've been here three weeks, and it's about time I fulfill my promise and start blogging about my adventures. I live in a little cabin with a large comfy bed, a sink which comes from a rainwater cistern, and a large sampling of spider and beetle-life. Because I'm tired right now, I'll write more later about my experiences so far and give a synopsis and a few pictures.

Some examples of skills, experience, and knowledge gained so far:
  • Chickens may be happily toted from spot A to spot B by placing them one on top of another--upside down--in a roomy bag.
  • I can now fix the throttle cable in a lawn mower.
  • Brakes are overrated. Our beater doesn't have any, and I can (kind-of/not-really) drive it without killing anyone.
  • I can hoe like a pro. 
  • I have used a real machete. From Brazil.
  • Yogurt is very easy to make.
  • Through careful scientific research, I can confirm that insects compose the majority of life on earth.
  • Some weeds are yummy.
  • I am no longer afraid of spiders, june bugs, or the dark.

My outdoor kitchen. 

Call me Thoreau. The water cooler is quite festive, don't you think?

My favorite lunch: poached eggs on a bed of salad greens and fresh dill. Oh, and wine.

This is the view out of my outhouse. Mornings often mist and fog.

I live at the top of this hill. 

One of the house gardens. The damn deer constantly sneak in despite 10 foot fences.

My shower below the guest house. 

A view down to the pond. 

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  1. My mother is currently infuriated by the raccoons that keep coming onto the deck in the middle of the night and digging up her flowers. Tonight we're trying ammonia rags. If you come across any solutions, you should let me know. =)

    This looks awesome.