Saturday, August 4, 2012

Local Color

The PotChopper, alternately the HeliWeeder, is whining overhead. Apparently it flies over every August, looking for folks' patches of cannabis. They don't look kindly on the habit here, though you wouldn't know it from the thick fog which floated over FloydFest last weekend as soon as the sun set. Apparently when our neighbors bought their property some ten years ago, some good ol' farm boys helped them move in--accents thick as grits, overalls, and all. One of them started telling them how the property was perfect pot growing terrain and listed all the scientific names for the different varieties which would grow best in sun, shade, wet, dry, etc. Everyone's jaw just kind of dropped as he rattled on like a (illegally) certified botanist.  Welcome to Floyd, folks.

I don't mind the helicopter. It's better than the fighter jets that scream over like it's the beginning of WWIII or Civil War II, which some old timers around her probably wouldn't mind. No offense intended.

Yes, there's a lot of local color around here. Stepped into the office after lunch a while back and found this huge fellow in a tie dyed shirt and dreads with his pot belly propped against Ron's desk, using the phone. This little skinny bit of a girl in 3 kinds of plaid just stood there in the middle of the room waiting for him and asking questions about different kinds of fertilizer. Apparently their car had broken down and they needed to call for a tow. They sort of stuck around in the shade for a while before a truck came and pulled their rusty ride away. I don't believe there's a single whole car in all of the county on most days.

Turns out this guy is a local artist and has gained a certain amount of local fame for his intriguing sculptures of rabbits and things which have certain human organs. The girl is not his daughter, as I thought, but rather his partner. No one around here has a husband or wife. They all have partners. It's very business-like. I imagine they go in 40/60 on the household or something.

Toledo is also represented in the CSA barn scale collection.  Three cheers for the Midwest.

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