Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Pictures Of My Food You Were Secretly Hoping For

Serena's great post on the magic of insanely fresh, organic produce inspired me -- after all, what's more interesting than looking at pictures of stuff other people eat? So here's a quick photographic tour of my latest gustatory delights.

First, though: This is actually a little, uh, sad, because my stove is busted (remember, I almost blew up my apartment when the gas got stuck on...average day in the life) and I'm really adorably broke, so everything I eat has to cost very very little money and be cookable by toaster oven, or be from Dunkin Donuts, this is an elitism-free zone.

That said, here's my food situation.

First, this is the inside of my refrigerator. 

Second, this is the meal I've eaten at least 6 times for lunch: a whole wheat bagel with "egg" (I'm pretty sure it's egg) and fake steak from Dunkin. No pity, please; fake steak tastes exactly like real steak. At least, as far as I remember -- real steak tastes like salty, crunchy-on-the-edges moosh, right?

And, of course, toothsome canned split pea soup, heated to perfection in the toaster oven. It didn't look exactly like the picture, but I'm an adult, so I can deal with disappointment. Upside: it's just like Serena's split pea soup, except it doesn't actually taste very good. 

Anyways, that's my life, food-wise. I had Trader Joe's Organic Joe's O's Pasta for lunch today (look, Serena, organic! Put that in your hippie pipe and smoke it!), and got mixed reactions, including a lecture on protein deficiency. It was worth it, though, because I also found out that one of NR's senior writers is a pretty big fan of canned pasta as well. Who knew? 

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  1. You really tried to find just the right angle and lighting for these pictures so as to make them as disgusting as possible, didn't you? I mean, that sandwich for God's sake.

    Still, I'm loving the contrast between you and Serena's posts. Very cool vibe going on here, cats. I'm digging it.