Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RE: The Pictures Of My Food You Were Secretly Hoping For

Since Seth called into question the integrity of my posting such an unflattering photo of my Dunkin Donuts sandwich -- thanks for holding me to a higher standard, you're a good friend -- I thought I'd put up a few more snapshots, just to make sure this is an authentic characterization.

Here's a bird's eye view of my veggie steak/egg bagel (mmm, doesn't that melty cheese look delicious?):

And here's a cut-away shot (literally, haw haw):

Serena, I'm sure your farm-fresh eggs and barely-dead radishes taste okay, but I have trouble imagining anyone doesn't want to eat one of these culinary wonders right now. Just kidding. Sort of.

Also, unrelated, I saw this today and thought it was funny, because it looks like they're advertising Corona Lite Soup, which maybe isn't the best idea ever.


  1. Corona Lite Soup?! What a fantastic idea!

    Also, I just got back from the "Beginning Farmer and Rancher" meeting. It was supposed to be a potluck but we a) got there late and b) I didn't bring a plate. So I'm sitting there starving watching this powerpoint and this woman talk r-e-a-l-l-y slowly. Incidentally, apparently you must wear sandals with all manner of attire in order to be a farmer. It is the Sign By Which One Knows.

    Anyway, afterward I meet these other apprentices and we all beeline it for the food. And lo and behold, these plates show up. So I snag one and start scarfing food up, and then I realize...that they're their plates. They brought them. And I'm stealing the dude's plate, so he has to eat off this napkin/cardboard conglomeration. And so we chat about life and I start feeling super bad because not only am I stealing their plates...I also have, like, a kitchen. And a shower. And they don't. And I start feeling like stealing this plate was just adding insult to injury.

    And then I have to go, so I hand back the dirty plate and say "So good to meet you! Hope to see you again!!"

    And I run away.

  2. Hahaha, and by "hope to see you again!" I mean "Hope to never see you again!"