Friday, July 13, 2012

It's...Musical Friday!

Pardon the lack of alliteration. I would've waited until Monday, but I hate waiting. So "Musical Friday" it is. 

As a follow-up to my last post about jazz, I'd like to post a song I frequently forget about and then remember that I love it and loop it until everyone else is sick of it: Blossom Dearie's version of "Someone to Watch Over Me." 

Blossom Dearie is awesome. First of all, it's the name. How do you get a name like that?? (If you find out it's just a stage name, please don't tell me. I've been avoiding knowing anything at all about her for about 8 years now so I can live in this delusional world where parents actually name their future-famous children "Blossom Dearie").

Second of all, it's her voice--which is weird. Very lispy and obnoxious. Actually I hated her for about a year, but she kept appearing on my jazz Pandora station in high school and I developed this bizarre love/hate relationship with her. I finally surrendered: Her diction is perfect; her interpretations are stunningly crisp and spot on with this fantastic seductive innocence she cultivates. "Someone to Watch Over Me" is one of her best songs, in my opinion. While I was in NYC with the girls, I heard a few other covers, among them Amy Winehouse's--and I just didn't buy them. I mean, you just don't believe that Amy Winehouse wants to be watched over (pardon me for speaking ill of the dead). She's too brassy, too brash. You just don't don't buy her schtick there, you know?

So this weekend, tun on some Blossom Dearie, imagine you're in some metropolitan, posh flat drinking a dry white wine--or possibly a great champagne, because you're extravagant--all by yourself while a summer wind blows in the window and curls around your cheek, promising cooler weather.

As for me, I'm off to pick blueberries. Cheers.


  1. Blossom Dearie, I've never heard the name til this blog (..which cannot be a better reason for blogs), though I've heard of cows named Blossom. But for N.Y.C., I'm not sure if they've heard of cows

    Just mooing in the rain,

  2. Yes! I started listening to her because of you, Seren. I love the combination of sultry and childlike. It's so good, it's a bit off-putting, especially when she sings songs like "Lover Man."