Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're back

Sorry for the silence. For the last week, we, the Writinators, have been too busy enjoying each other's company in person to bother with the interwebs. For me, it was a great hiatus from farm life--though around 5am every morning, the suffocating heat of Harlem blowing into Betsy's unairconditioned apartment made me remember fondly my little cabin on the hill and the cool night breeze which never fails to tickle down from the high country of Floyd County.

But the heat aside, my first trip to New York was fantastic. Some highlights in no particular order:

  • Camping out like a hobo behind an elementary school hiding from the sun and waiting for the megabus
  • The Hungarian Bakery two blocks from Betsy's apartment at which I almost made myself sick on baklava and rum balls. #noregrets
  • Late-night walks down to Fancy Fare or Fine Fare or whatever the corner grocery was called, watching Harlemites livin' up their 4th of July holidays with sidewalk fireworks and carrying on life as usual over the pound of the boombox plugged into a street lamp.
  • Spending our 4th at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night in Harlem where the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Michael Jackson were discovered. 
  • We also saw some fantastic urban art:

Spending time together was the best part, of course.

1 comment:

  1. ..made myself sick on baklava..
    yeah, done that.. for another's viewing it, it must have been like watching a hungry, three day old chick swallowing worms. I knew that I was to suffer, but being in Greece, it was something to die (if only once) for.

    Baklava, you only come this way once.