Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floyd's Been Occupied

When I went to the health food store on Saturday, the Occupy movement shopped with me. Or at least this woman did. She's touring the U.S., spreading the message of the 99%, letting people paint her car (I regret not doing this), and setting up palm-reading booths to make a few dollars. No joke. A week ago I talked to an older guy for about a half an hour; he, too, is touring the nation, calling himself a modern-day Jack Kerouac, and selling little paintings along the way. Completely insane and a really nice guy. I gave him a dollar.

Apparently the younguns spearheading the movement are not exactly the most organized of people, and older folk like her are getting involved to help them realize that they need things like water, healthy food, and funding to get along. She told me about an older nurse who took care of everyone on one of the last marches, even buying food with her own money. Apparently one young chap made the fatal mistake of wearing boxers instead of briefs and ended up with a swollen scrotum. I'm sorry for being graphic, but that's what she said, and I only speak the truth. Gentlemen: Consider yourself duly warned when you attend your next rally.

I'm actually tossing around the idea of attending the Occupy Monsanto rally in North Carolina next month. Don't be hatin'.

In other news, next Sunday I'll be seeing Allison Kraus at FloydFest. I'm planning on wearing my fabulous silk Indian skirt, sandals, and fitting right in. I may even borrow a tie-dyed shirt. When in Rome, my friends.


  1. I don't think it's very authentic of her to drive a japanese vehicle. German cars are the officially accepted hippy vehicle.

  2. At first I thought I saw "Love, Peas, Harmony." Then I found the "ce" of "peace." Disappointing.

    Allison Kraus AND Jerry Douglas? I'd buy overalls to attend that.