Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm tired and grumpy

So I have a fantastic serious of posts planned out about my thoughts on organic farming, but right now I'm really tired. You're used to me rapturing all over the place about sunrises and fresh vegetables, but let me give you another look at my life: I shoveled four backhoe loads of compost into a 60 x 60 garden, repaired a fence, pruned and tied up 150' of tomato plants, and harvested 15lb of cucumbers today--because of which my wrists are all scratched up and itchy. Last week, I went to the Good Will in Christiansburg with some friends and bought a pearl bracelet. I tried it on and suddenly had this horrifying realization that my hands look like those of a seasoned mechanic. The bracelet seemed like this mockery of womanhood, like heels on a drag queen. My clothes also all smell like sweat because my washer sort of swills things around, burps a couple of times, takes a nap, and then sort of wrings them out. My tap water smells like frogs because a scum of tree pollen floats on the surface of my cistern. I love farm work, but my shoulders ache and I'm sunburned six shades of rose and bronze. If the average human being says 7,000 words during a day, I say 500. 

Until, therefore, the organic-farm muse strikes again, here's a little cheer-up from the wonderful world of the internet and also Britain. Happy Friday. 

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